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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Taylor Swift Inspired Look (from the December 2010 Cover of Allure Magazine)

Hello all!

So I just received the December issue of Allure in the mail, and I can't get over how beautiful Taylor Swift looks on the cover. (I would provide pictures, but copyright laws hinder my ambitions.) Naturally very pretty, Swift is made even more so by the smoldering bronze eye, flushed cheeks, and natural pink lips created by makeup artist Gucci Westman.  I recreated the look using MAC, Tarte, Korres, ybf, and Sephora products, as I will show you below. (I will say that the pinks did wash out a bit in the pictures, but I think that had more to do with the lighting than anything else. I'm not a fan of flash, because that usually further washes out color, so I'm going to find a brighter place to do all pictures for other posts.)

Use minimal makeup on the skin. I only used a bit of concealer around the face and under eyes to even everything out. For the cheeks, I used MAC Gentle Mineralize Blush. You could use any mauve or raspberry blush to achieve the same effect if you're fair. Medium girls would have to go a little deeper, possibly a little more red or plum depending on your undertones. Try Love Thing or Breezy if you fall under this category or even if you're darker skinned, since MAC blushes have very high pigmentation and show up well on all skintones.

Even out the skin of the eyes with concealer. You can also use an eye base beneath every you apply (a really good one I've used is Prime Time Eyelid Primer by Bare Escentuals; Laura Gellar Eye Spackle is another one that gets great reviews), especially if you're prone to oily lids.  Apply bronze shadow from upper lash line to crease. Make sure you blend out the crease and also apply a little shadow on the lower lash line as well. I used the bronze shade on the top right corner from my Sephora Color Play palette (Coffee in New York). A very similar bronze shadow is Tempting by MAC. (Camp by Bare Escentuals also comes to mind.) Smudge a small amount of black pencil liner into both upper and lower lash lines. The original look called for liquid liner but really any kohl pencil would do, especially since you would be smudging it. It is best for this purpose. Highlight brows with a white gold/champagne shadow. Follow with mascara on the top lashes.

For lips, I used Go Go Goji gloss from Tarte. It's quite pigmented, so a little actually does go a long way. Wished it showed up a little more, but it was that perfect flushed pink.

Hope you all enjoy it! After the jump, a couple of more shots:
Downward shot to showcase the eyes a bit better

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