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Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Very First Blog Post Ever!

Hello everyone!

Since I am quite new to this whole blogging business, it wouldn't hurt to introduce myself:

My name is Rebecca, and I am a freelance makeup artist from New York City.  I've been practicing professionally for about a year now. Besides the fact that I have gotten so many requests from my friends, colleagues, and clients to create a blog, I started this to share the many things I have learned about makeup with the average woman. I am always learning about new products and techniques from other beauty experts and makeup artists, which enables me to impart that knowledge onto others. In addition, I received art training in my younger years, which has allowed me to better understand how to use color and apply it to a 3D canvas.

Among all the different artistic mediums I have used, makeup is the medium I have always come back to. I have been passionate about it since I was very young.  Even in my many tomboy stages, I was never caught without some mascara or tinted moisturizer.  I now embrace my sense of femininity to the fullest, and express that through the many looks I can create. 

The official name of my business is Rebecca Pesantez Makeup Artistry. However, I decided to name this blog Romanesque Beauty with my biggest supporter in mind: my grandmother (Roman is her maiden name, plus the fact that she was indeed a beauty - her picture I will later post).  She has always encouraged me to practice my craft, and now I am starting my business largely thanks to her support.

So that's pretty much my story. Hope you all enjoy my blog! I will start to post some looks very soon :)

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