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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Look: Amour De Jeunesse (French Beauty, Part Two)

Bonjour à tous!

Before, I gave you guys the lowdown on how to dress up the face a la Parisian gamine. Now, I'm going to help you explore the nighttime tricks a young woman in Paris might employ to take down the town.  I recently read an article from Marie Claire that gave me the inspiration for this look (if you want to peep it, here's the link: Marie Claire - Foreign Beauty Report: Paris). Again, the key to this look is effortlessness. But this is embodied in a different light in this look. Eyes are enhanced more strongly, but with a soft focus lens as opposed to a crisp high-definition one. Smudging again is what's important in creating this look. Lips now have some power here, called attention to by the swipe of a bold red.  Skin is still glowing, quite possibly not blotted or wiped down from the day.  You see the woman for what she is as opposed to what she wants to be. Her wild yet chic streak shines through, and it's something any woman can learn to embody with a few simple products.

Eyes: MAC Lingering Brow Pencil, RMS Beauty Living Luminizer (or any soft neutral eye shadow), Korres Eye Liner in 1, YSL Faux Cils in Burgundy

Lips: MAC Russian Red

Cheeks: MAC Instant Chic Blush, MAC Bronze Bronzer

Skin: RMS Beauty Un-Cover Up Foundation in 33

How to do this (and more pictures) after the jump (and it's really simple too):

Basically, your base for this look is the previous look I published (Daytime in the City of Light). There are only three key differences:

  1. You're just placing the red lipstick over the nude one.
  2. You're putting a coat or two of mascara extra.
  3. You're adding a bit more liner and smudging as needed. It absolutely should not be perfect.
If this is so simple, why bother posting how to do it? Just to demonstrate that you don't have to be perfect to be, well, perfect. Sometimes, simple swipes of color do the job of elaborate makeovers. This is something we can learn from this unique culture, and something many of us can lose sight on when it comes to beauty.

Hope you guys enjoyed this! For now, au revoir. ;)

Je t'embrasse bien fort! (Hugs and kisses!)


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